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Public Statement by Creator’s Choice on the June 29th Cannabis Referendum in Wahnapitae First Nation

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Creator’s Choice welcomes the result of the June 29th, 2019 Wahnapitae Cannabis referendum. The people of Wahnapitae made the decision – by a margin of 44 to 40 – to allow the sales of cannabis and cannabis accessories on our territory. We are overjoyed that the people have affirmed their support for the grassroots Anishinaabe cannabis industry in Wahnapitae that we represent, and we will work to ensure that this support grows and becomes more informed about the important work Creator’s Choice is doing to provide medicinal cannabis products to those in need.

Wahnapitae Chief and Council prohibit cannabis on reserve in wake of pro-cannabis referendum vote

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WAHNAPITAE FIRST NATION – Mere hours after the people of Wahnapitae endorsed Indigenous cannabis sales on their territory in a referendum, Chief and Council of…