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Testimonial of Creator’s Choice Customer, Charles Manuel

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My name is Charles Manuel and I am writing this letter of support for Derek Roque and Creator’s Choice Natural Health Solutions with an extremely heavy and disappointed  heart.

Please allow me to explain my situation briefly; I was diagnosed with terminal cancer called MDS roughly 18 months ago with a prognosis of 5 years to live. My world was shattered and I felt lost. My daily symptoms included headaches, mobility issues, extreme nausea and major depression . I felt like I was left alone to die when doctors took the approach of watch and wait to see how my rare cancer will progress.

Thats when I met these kind and caring people that showed me and taught me that I don’t have to live in pain and discomfort through all natural products. I have since shown my doctors and medical team that medicinal use has helped me and I can provide hundreds of pages of medical papers to prove that as well . This is the way to heal and cure people properly without the use of opioids. I have never needed them thanks to these people .

Please do the right thing and allow them to continue to educate and heal the sick through medicine . I am currently in Ottawa receiving a stem cell transplant and have been managing all my symptoms naturally and again has my medical team believing this way of healing is the future. Please don’t make me a statistic by forcing me to use opioids. 

-Charles Manuel 

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