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Testimonial of Creator’s Choice Customer, Lia Beynen

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In 2002 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and
was told I wouldn’t live more than a year. I was 27. I
underwent chemotherapy and numerous radiation
treatments. I even tried an experimental treatment
although it did stop my tumours from growing, these
treatments had many side effects. I wasn’t even able
to care for myself or my children. The poison that
they were pumping into my body was damaging my
kidneys and my liver. So we opted to stop treatment.

Fast forward the spring of 2018, I went for my annual
MRI they found another tumour. I was devastated,
how would I do this again? There’s no way I could do it
again! How are these drugs going to poison my body
this time? I would’ve rather died. I didn’t have it in me
to go through that again.

My husband started looking
into alternative treatments, that’s when we heard of
Creators Choice. Not wanting me to go there, thinking
it was just a pot shop, he took the trip out to get some
information on what we could possibly do. This was
not your run-of-the-mill pot shop it was an actual
dispensary . When he arrived he was greeted by some
super friendly knowledgeable staff members. He was
introduced to the Rick Simpson Oil and Delta 8. After
quite a bit of research we decided we are going to try
the Delta 8 and refused all other treatments. At first it
was hard to believe that ingesting a gram of this oil a
day was going to have any effect. I kept the faith and
continued taking it every day. After 6 months I went for

an MRI and when the results came in I absolutely could
not believe my tumour had shrunk by 33%! My doctor
could not believe it either.

So I continue taking my Delta 8 religiously every day.

After 1 year my tumour
was 70% gone. I’ve had no awful side effects and have
been able to live my life normally. If it wasn’t for Nicola
and Derek Roque I know I wouldn’t be here today. They
have given me my life back. My children a mother, my
husband a wife, my parents a child. There is no greater
gift, and for that I’m eternally grateful. They truly care
about what they are doing and the people they are

Recently Creators Choice was raided by
police. This is not a pot shop!! this is a medicinal dispensary!!
Where will I get my medication from??
What will happen to me? My family? I can’t even bear to
think about it. They should stop wasting their time and
go after the true criminals out there. Nicola, Derek and
the staff of creators choice are in no way Criminal.

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