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Testimonial of Creator’s Choice Customer, Rachel

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My name is Rachel, and in July 2018, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic
Leukemia; a blood cancer that rarely occurs in adults. My husband, daughter and I were
currently living in North Bay at the time and I was quickly transferred to Ottawa for
treatment and observation as I was also 5 months pregnant, and the North Bay doctors
felt they could handle my situation better. It was a huge blow to me and my family and
we were all devastated. So off to Ottawa we went and treatment for my disease started
soon after.

I quickly went into a metamorphic remission, which meant that my leukemia had gone
from 100% in my bone marrow, to about 15% which was fantastic. A few months later in
October 2018, I underwent a stem cell transplant with my brother as the donor. My
disease hadn’t showed 0% but the doctors felt it necessary to pursue a transplant and
hopefully my brother’s cells would take care of the rest of the disease.

Unfortunately in January I had a major relapse and my leukemia came back fast and
aggressive. I was told if I didn’t pursue further treatment, I would only have a few weeks
to live. The treatment the doctors recommended was called the Dana Farber protocol,
mostly used in children but they thought it was worth a shot. They were concerned my
liver wouldn’t be able to handle the first treatment which was incredibly potent and
intense, but thankfully I pulled through just fine. We soon were able to transfer back to
our hometown Sudbury where I am still undergoing heavy duty treatment but am
moving into a maintenance phase very soon. Meaning more treatment but less intense.
However, I recently learned that the doctors only put me on this protocol because they
wanted to give me a few more months of life. They didn’t believe it would put me into a
full remission but fortunately, it did and I now show no signs of leukemia! The doctors
were incredibly shocked and pleased that this protocol had worked so well and basically
said I am probably the only person on the planet that this could have happened to,
essentially calling me a walking miracle!

Throughout this whole process, we learned that cannabis oil can be a huge fighter
against cancer and with what we had been through already, we thought we’d give it a
shot. So I began taking Delta 8 oil for the daytime and Rick Simpson oil for nighttime
which can only be found at Creator’s Choice located in Capreol Ontario. I found it made
a huge difference, not only with my treatment but with my anxiety and sleep. I found I
was able to tolerate my chemotherapy treatments much better and I definitely believe it
was the oils that helped.

I was really happy to find a healthier and more natural alternative to other antianxiety
medications, as I was already taking so many drugs for treatment and preventative
treatment medications as well. It was also really easy to take and ingest which made a
huge difference as well.

I highly recommend Creator’s Choice for all of your medical cannabis needs. The
operator Nicola is very kind and compassionate and extremely informed and can help
with your decisions as to what type of oils to take and how to take them. I have been

taking Delta 8 and Rick Simpson for quite a few months now and I’ve noticed a huge
difference, as well as I’m fully in remission! I can’t deny that I’m sure the oils were part
of making that difference, therefore I highly recommend.

  • Rachel

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